Standard Embossment Collection

Hide Size: 25 s.f. (half-hide embossment option)
Thickness: 1-1.2 mm
Weight: 2.75- 3 oz.
This unique collection consists of eleven embossed leathers produced on two of Cortina's most popular leathers, Giulia and Rustico. Both leather types are 100% aniline-dyed and full grain with a breathable, protective topcoat. Giulia, a highly polished, hand-rubbed vegetable tanned antique, and Rustico, a chromium-tanned distressed leather with a lustrous topcoat, are well-suited for embossing due to their sheen and two-toned character.

There are two embossment configurations. The hide can be cut down the center and each half embossed, or the whole hide can be embossed down the center for a width that mirrors that of the plate width. The pattern on the leather is created by applying heat and pressure to the leather, which accentuates the contrast between the embossed and debossed surfaces of the hide, resulting in varied depths and definitions. Metallic or contrasting tipping is available as an option.

50 s.f. minimum These floral, geometric and animal patterns are available on other Cortina leathers that are suitable for embossment. Other patterns are available.

Express Patterns: Lead-time is approximately one week for embossing. Tipping adds an additional week to two weeks.

Embossed on Giulia: Small Deep Weave, Alligator #9, Large Venetian, Primrose, Diamonds, Cubes.

Embossed on Rustico: Italian Ostrich, Damask, Paisley, Baby Alligator, Hiawatha.

Available Colors:

7-15EP Primrose
7-16E Large Diamonds
21-5EPT Paisley (tipped)
7-11ESDW Small Deep Weave
21-2EIO Italian Ostrich
21-4EH Hiawatha
7-12EA9 Alligator #9
7-14ELV Large Venetian
21-9BA Baby Alligator
21-6EDT Damask (tipped)
7-20ECU Cubes

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