Pure Aniline Calfskin

Part of Cortina's Couture Collection

Hide Size: 35 s.f.
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Carezza is the leather of connoisseurs. This pure aniline-dyed leather is produced from meticulously selected calf hides from nothern Europe, material so pure that there is nothing to hide. A transparent aniline topcoat allows you to "look into the leather," resulting in a depth of color not possible in pigmented hides. The key to producing this Italian beauty is the use of large calf hides, or "vitelloni," prized for their purity and softness. The earth tones of the color palette are particularly suited to the ultra-natural quality of this leather. Because Carezza is pure aniline-dyed, each hide is distinctive and unique. As a result, there may be subtle variation in color from one hide to the next. The aniline dyes, while creating depth and transparency in the leather, are not as resistant to fading and staining, so Carezza should be regarded as "naked" leather, having the minimum amount of protection.

Available Colors:

23-1 Lusso
23-2 Antelope
23-3 Farina
23-5 Tobacco
23-4 Iguana
23-7 Chianti
23-6 Brunette
23-8 Beluga

Carezza (Click to see larger):