Rodeo embossed with Crocodile Pattern

Hide Size: 50 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
Our five distressed Rodeo leathers are available in-stock with a whole-hide crocodile embossment. This breakthrough process, in which an entire 50 s.f. hide can be embossed, increases the cutting area of each hide and therefore the possible applications for the leather. The Crocodillo pattern is a realistic blend of large-block and smaller pebbles. The pure-aniline Rodeo, with a subtle, two-tone quality and natural paraffin finish, lends itself beautifully to embossment, a technique which brings out an authentic-looking contrast between the embossed and debossed surfaces of the hide.

Crocodillo is among the least protected leathers in the line, a factor which contributes to its ability to "age" with use.

Available Colors:

16-1C Chaps
16-2C Bridle
16-3C Lasso
16-4C Holster
16-5C Cactus

Crocodillo (Click to see larger):