Chrome-Free, Eco-Friendly Leather

Hide Size: 50 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
It is easy being green with Ecco-La, Cortina's 100% biodegradable cowhide imported from Italy. What makes Ecco-La environmentally sound is that it is chrome-free. Until now, chrome substitutes have not succeeded in producing hides with the same luxurious feel and saturation of color. Now, cutting-edge technology has led to the introduction of Ecco-La, hides that are superlative in grain retention, responsiveness to climate and brilliance of color. Ecco-La has all necessary protections, so it can be used in any setting. Ecco-La has been tested and approved by the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati.

Available Colors:

24-13 Baby's Breath
24-14 Sandwisp
24-1 Buckskin
24-2 Tumbleweed
24-3 Cashmere
24-4 Godiva
24-16 Black Coffee
24-12 Pitch Black
24-15 Manzanillo
24-11 Shale
24-9 Ocean
24-6 Fire

Ecco-La (Click to see larger):