Rustico Embossed with Woven Pattern

Hide Size: 50 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
Five of our Rustico leathers are available in stock with a whole-hide "woven look" embossment. This breakthrough process in which an entire 50 s.f. hide is embossed increases the cutting area of each hide and therefore the possible applications for the leather. The woven pattern has the effect of a faux warp and weft so that a client without the budget for a truly interwoven leather or who needs a wide width can achieve the look with Intreccio. The pure-aniline Rustico, with a subtle, two-tone quality and natural paraffin finish, lends itself beautifully to embossment, a technique which brings out an authentic-looking contrast between the embossed and debossed surfaces of the hide. This full-grain leather is completely aniline-dyed in the drum and is lightly protected with a paraffin topcoat.

Available Colors:

21-1I Zafferano
21-4I Castano
21-11I Selva
21-9I Bosco
21-8I Oliva

Intreccio (Click to see larger):