Glossy Aniline

Hide Size: 50-55 s.f.
Thickness: 1.1 mm
Weight: 3.0 oz
'Issimo is the Italian suffix for "the most." 'Issimo, a luxurious full-grain upholstery leather is chromium-tanned, fully aniline-dyed and has a breathable protective finish. 'Issimo is outstanding in its beauty, suppleness, color, clarity and feel. Its glossy, smooth finish adds a contemporary sensibility to this classic leather. 'Issimo is the leather of choice when elegance and luxury are desired. Extra protections in the topcoat make this leather ideal for high traffic settings. 'Issimo holds embossment patterns well.

Available Colors:

18-1 Sugar Maple
18-2 Cinnamon
18-4 Firebrick
18-5 Venetian Red
18-3 Fox
18-15 Sangria
18-6 Currant
18-7 Bittersweet
18-9 Olive
18-8 Fango
18-14 La Palma
18-10 Hunter
18-11 Blueprint
18-12 Tornado
18-13 Asphalt

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