Genuine Calfskin

Hide Size: 30 s.f.
Thickness: .9 – 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
The finest upholstery leather tannery in Italy produces Roma calfskin. The softest of upholstery weight leathers, Roma is a full-grain, fully aniline-dyed leather made exclusively from premium dairy calfhides from Holland. The hides have a minimal topcoat of necessary protective agents but are otherwise natural so that the luxurious beauty is apparent. Roma is durable and resistant, even though slightly lighter in weight than cowhides. Calfskin's tighter fibers result in unparalleled softness and resilience, while its light weight allows the hides to tailor beautifully, making it the number one choice for private aircraft , luxury automobiles, or any setting where the utmost in luxury is desired.

Available Colors:

3-31 Panna
3-3 Birch
3-40 Luggage
3-16 Saddle
3-29 Espresso
3-34 Talc
3-37 Pumice
3-1 Sandstone
3-32 Tusk
3-17 Coxcomb
3-18 Crimson
3-20 Eggplant
3-26 Bluejay
3-30 Onyx

Roma (Click to see larger):