Modified Pull-Up, High-Sheen Distressed

Hide Size: 50 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
Cortina has created a leather that combines the best features of some of its most popular products: a "distressed" look and a high-sheen finish subtly blended in a high-end full-grain leather with a protective topcoat, making it suitable for any type of application. Rustico is 100% pure-aniline dyed in the drum, then finished with a paraffin topcoat and finally a brilliant polish. The result is a two-tone, distressed leather with sheen. Like all distressed leathers, Rustico will become more worn-looking with time. Similar to our "Rodeo" leather but shinier, Rustico will lighten and darken with use.

Available Colors:

21-1 Zafferano
21-3 Cannella
21-2 Ambra
21-4 Castano
21-11 Selva
21-9 Bosco
21-8 Oliva
21-7 Primavera
21-6 Mirtillo
21-5 Rubino
21-10 Carbone

Rustico (Click to see larger):