Shrunken Nubuck

Hide Size: 55 s.f.
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Also known as brushed leather, shrunken nubuck is the utmost in luxury. Sahara combines a velvety, soft nap with a rugged texture to create a leather of unusual depth and versatility. This type of leather is created by starting with a thicker raw material, in order to retain the trademark texture, then drum-dyeing the hides with pure aniline dyes and water-resistant agents, and finally "brushing" the surface of each hide with lightweight sandpaper to create the distinctive nap. The leather is then returned to the dyeing vat for a dry-milling process which deepens the texture. Although Sahara is resistant to liquids, it has no protective topcoat sprayed onto the hides, so it should not be used in heavy traffic areas.

Available Colors:

8-1 Tiramisu
8-4 Grigio
8-17 Sedano
8-2 Caramello
8-14 Sella
8-3 Marrone
8-15 Bruno
8-7 Borgogna
8-9 Marina
8-11 Nero

Sahara (Click to see larger):