Matte Smooth Finish

Hide Size: 55 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
Veneto is an aniline-dyed, full grain leather that is exceptionally soft and serviceable. Ironed under heat and pressure to create an ultra-smooth finish and averaging 55 square feet per hide, Veneto has a large cutting area with a superb yield per hide. An excellent choice for high-use situations where an elegant aesthetic is desired without sacrificing performance and hide size, the Veneto line features fashion colors including brights and citrus tones.

Available Colors:

2-61 Gunsmoke
2-62 The Color Purple
2-58 Tin Man
2-60 Dorian Gray
2-59 Robins Egg
2-48 Geisha
2-21 Chardonnay
2-50 Cameo
2-22 Champagne
2-2 Dove
2-43 Capretta
2-52 Canary
2-53 Mustard
2-54 Casaba
2-44 Fire Engine
2-55 Pomegranate
2-40 Whiskey
2-7 Garnet
2-56 Iris
2-49 Ice Blue
2-51 Menthol
2-57 Cozumel
2-46 Skylark
2-15 Macadam

Veneto (Click to see larger):