Tone-on-tone Textured Grain

Hide Size: 55 SQ. FT.
Thickness: 1.1-1.3 MM
Weight: 3.25 oz.
The Vespa leather line is consistently sought by discerning designers looking for a sophisticated, dual-tone leather fashioned with pure Italian artistry. Cortina Leathers is responding to growing demand by re-introducing Vespa with 15 new colors inspired by the warmth of the Italian countryside. The new colors highlight Vespa’s distinctive grain texture on large European hides noted for a soft, supple hand only the Italians can achieve. Vespa leathers are treated with a tone-ontone finish, specifically chosen to enhance the base color, resulting in a sophisticated new variety of tipped leather designed to be showcased.

Available Colors:

25-1 Cosmo
25-23 Beluga
25-25 Blueberry
25-20 Chai
25-29 Cinnamon
25-27 Copper Penny
25-21 Cottonseed
25-22 Cremini
25-28 Emerald Isle
25-17 Irish Cream
25-24 Sardine
25-18 Smokehouse
25-19 Tarragon
25-26 Beet
25-16 Almondia
25-15 Tea Time
25-4 Breeze
25-3 Heaven
25-2 Lilla
25-6 Bubblegum
25-9 Tangerine
25-5 Key Lime
25-10 Caviar
25-13 Sahara Sand
25-8 Saffron
25-7 Breadcrust
25-12 Malted
25-11 Mink
25-14 Armadillo

Vespa (Click to see larger):