Luxury Cowsuede

Hide Size: 15–18 s.f.
Thickness: 1.4 mm
Weight: 3.5 oz.
Chamois is a line of solid suede with three embossed and laser-cut options in 10 beautiful colors. The plain version is a rich and luxurious “ultranap” cowsuede imbued with pure aniline dyes. Suede is the center horizontal split of the hide, smaller yet thicker than the grain or skin surface. Like the suede used for shoes and accessories, Chamois leather is saturated with protective agents during the drum-dyeing process, creating a water-resistant finish.

However, because this leather is not sprayed with a sealant topcoat and is a pure aniline, it is vulnerable to oil and grease, and may fade in direct sunlight.

Available Colors:

10-10 Black Tie
10-11 Cobalt
10-7 Pennyroyal
10-6 Flint
10-5 Flannel
10-9 Setter
10-8 English Toast
10-4 Mulberry
10-3 Peach
10-2 Pecan
10-1 Cashew
58-1 Asphodel
58-3 Token
58-8 Mink
58-9 Sable
58-7 Rust
58-10 Rouge
58-4 Mole
58-5 Wedgewood

Chamois (Click to see larger):