Textured, Multi-toned Metallic

Hide Size: 50 s.f.
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Weight: 3.25 oz.
Glitterati blends many of the features of our favorite leathers: depth, texture, sheen, brilliance and character. Best described as a multi-toned metallic leather with a bright and transparent finish, Glitterati is chromium tanned with a vegetable retannage, resulting in a leather of depth and substance. Special finishing products are used to create both roundness and softness, with a hint of wax and oil to obtain a subtly distressed and aged effect. Finally, a protective topcoat of crushed metal gives the hides a resistant yet brilliant finish.

Available Colors:

33-1 Crystal
33-2 Patina
33-3 Sunstone
33-4 Carnelian
33-5 Feldspar

Glitterati (Click to see larger):