Stingray Embossed

Hide Size: 25 s.f.
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Zigrino, Italian for "stingray," is also known as Shagreen. Cortina's version is an embossed cowhide made to replicate the look and feel of genuine stingray. Originally, shagreen was leather made from sharkskin or the skin of a pearl rayfish, which are naturally covered with round, closely-set calcified scales. When dyed, the result is a two-toned, translucent coloration throughout the skin. A typical shagreen skin averages only a few square feet and can cost over $50 per s.f. Zigrino averages 25 s.f. and is more economically priced. Our version features the rounded scales with a central "nub" that appears every 8".

Available in half hides only.

Available Colors:

31-1 Avorio
31-7 Starfire
31-8 Molton
31-6 Silver
31-9 Darkside
31-5 Tabacco

Zigrino (Click to see larger):