Crocodile-embossed Athene

Hide Size: 45 s.f.
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 2.75 oz.
Colosso, a large-scale crocodile pattern consisting of large blocks mixed with smaller balls, is one of the most realistic-looking reptile patterns in the Cortina collection. The depth and scale of the pattern, combined with the use of Athene as the base for this leather, create a look and feel that make this cowhide almost indistinguishable from actual crocodile hides.

Athene is distinguished by its smooth finish and ultra-glossy sheen. A modified “pull-up”, or slightly distressed leather, Athene has a subtle two-tone quality that is characteristic of pure aniline leathers. Because its shiny finish is heat-reactive, this leather reacts to the pressure and temperature of the embossing plate, resulting in a striking contrast between the raised (debossed) and recessed (embossed) areas of the hide.

The 13” x 6” pattern is slightly curved, with a repeat that is barely visible, adding to the overall “authenticity” of this remarkable leather. And, in another technological coup, Colosso is available on whole hides, unlike most embossed leathers which are available on half-hides only.

Available Colors:

50-3C Sabbia
50-5C Brunetta
50-6C Mattone
50-7C Cremisi
50-9C Uliva
50-10C Ebano
50-11C Perla

Colosso (Click to see larger):