Crocodile-embossed Suede

Hide Size: 18 s.f.
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Weight: 3.25 oz
Cocco, a crocodile-embossed suede from Italy, complements Cortina’s collection of embossed reptile leathers, which includes Calabria, Campania, Colosso, Crocodillo, Hornback and Imelda. Produced on our luxurious Chamois suede, Cocco sports an entirely new look in exotic leathers. The silky nap of the suede is prominent on the raised portion of the hide, while the debossed crevices are darker and shinier, resulting in a dynamic contrast – a study in contour and depth. Because the hides are small, averaging 18 s.f., there is no visible join mark.

Pattern repeat: 12” x 6”

Available Colors:

40-1 Dragon
40-2 Fenice
40-3 Medagascar
40-4 Rix
40-5 Amazon
40-6 Swamp
40-7 Stargator

Cocco (Click to see larger):