With the feel of Nubuck and the look of no other leather, Rustic is a true original. Created by finishing these fine European hides in a rich dark brown and then hard-sanding the peaks of each natural pebble grain, Rustic gives a worn and inviting look to even the most modern designs.

Leather Details
Hide Size :
55-60 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0-1.2 mm
Qualities :
Rich, semi-aniline leather with a heavy pebble, sanded for brushed finish
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Care & Cleaning

For general upkeep occasionally vacuum using an upholstery attachment and brush the nap using a soft-bristle suede upholstery brush. All Cortina Leathers’ suedes and nubucks are treated in the drum for water repellency, and can be maintained with reasonable care. However, we advise immediate attention in the event of spills or soiling. For spills, blot immediately using a clean, dry absorbent cloth and brush to restore the nap. If soiling remains, minimally dampen a clean cloth with water and gently dab—never rub the leather. Use a soft brush to restore the nap. Avoid over-wetting this leather to prevent discoloration.