Double oil-treated aniline pull-up leather with bright burst. When embossed, Sundance displays strong tonal contrast between the pattern’s high and low areas, appearance being transformed and becoming truly three-dimensional.

Bright bursts of light emanate from the rich, deep tones and dance across the surface at the slightest pressure, giving Sundance its name. A full grain aniline leather made on quality European bull hides, Sundance is treated with multiple applications of a special oil to penetrate throughout and enhance the dramatic pull-up effect. With a silky-smooth hand and a touch of sheen, Sundance is a leather for the true aficionado. Upholstering with tufting or stretching causes beautiful color variations and showcases the natural features of this authentic leather.

Environmental Stewardship: Sundance is lead free, emits low VOCs, and has achieved an Indoor Advantage Gold certificate from SCS.

Leather Details
Origin :
Leather Type :
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Flame Resistance :
NFPA 260: Class 1, CAL TB117–2013
Hide Size :
45-50 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0-1.2 mm
Qualities :
Double oil treated aniline pull-up leather with bright burst
Markets :
Residential OEM, Decorator and Designer Showcase, Accessories, Hospitality, Marine, Residential Showrooms, A&D Workplace Design

Italian tanneries are renowned for their skill and artistry, leading the world in new leather designs and colors while maintaining old world craftsmanship and care.