Tombstone offers designers the look of suede with the addition of multiple color hues subtly playing across the surface and the benefits of a full hide size, increasing cutting yield. Tombstone begins with a tri-color finished product which is then sanded to remove a portion of the finish treatments so that each hide is slightly different in appearance, creating the look and appeal of individual custom furniture at the cost of a production leather.

Leather Details
Hide Size :
42-45 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0-1.2 mm
Qualities :
Tri-color semi-aniline heavily sanded for a brushed, suede look and variable color
Care & Cleaning

For general upkeep occasionally vacuum using an upholstery attachment and brush the nap using a soft-bristle suede upholstery brush. All Cortina Leathers’ suedes and nubucks are treated in the drum for water repellency, and can be maintained with reasonable care. However, we advise immediate attention in the event of spills or soiling. For spills, blot immediately using a clean, dry absorbent cloth and brush to restore the nap. If soiling remains, minimally dampen a clean cloth with water and gently dab—never rub the leather. Use a soft brush to restore the nap. Avoid over-wetting this leather to prevent discoloration.