Cortina Leathersis the premier source of fine upholstery leathers for the interior design community worldwide. Combining the timeless artistry of old world tanneries with the speed & scale of US manufacturing, Cortina provides designers limitless possibilities when it comes to beautiful custom leather for any project specifications.

Cortina Leathers Warehouse
Cortina Leathers Inspection table station
Custom Made. Designer Inspired.

With extensive running-line collections as well as custom crafting and color capabilities including proprietary treatments and finishes, Cortina is the primary choice for designers who have a vision and need a partner to create luxurious leather with precisely the right look, feel, and performance capabilities that their project requires.

A History of Quality.

Way back in 1903, Cortina, then known as Conneaut Leather, began simply: a couple of passionate individuals producing quality upholstery leather. In the 1980s, Cortina started working with select overseas tanneries to design beautifully colored and finished upholstery leathers to meet the demands of the global architecture and design community, particularly the luxury hotel and residential interiors sectors.

Now, Cortina's unique brand story has evolved. Headquartered in the design capital of the US, New York City, with a large state-of-the-art leather manufacturing hub in the heart of the Midwest, we are a true end-to-end solution, beginning with raw hides and controlling every step of the process through finishing and custom cutting. This streamlined process allows us to offer quality custom leather orders at reasonable prices within days, rather than weeks or months.

Unmatched Selection.

We take pride in our global reputation for offering elegant leathers at an accessible price to designers on a tight timeline and a strict budget. By leveraging the strengths of the best tanneries around the world along with design inspired manufacturing, the Cortina collection now features over 650 leathers available on a moment’s notice, as well as custom capabilities with in-house stamping, stitching, color expertise and proprietary performance treatments. This broad selection combined with agile custom capabilities makes the Cortina Leathers brand the right choice for designers who need to take a vision from story board to material reality.