Residential Showrooms

Let leather transport you to new possibilities in interior design.

There is much to consider in determining the design potential of a space. How does the light move through each room? Is the architecture traditional or streamlined? Does the home call for something daring or subdued? The ultimate success of an interior’s design relies on smart decision making—and leather forever will be a brilliant choice.

For 40 years, Cortina has partnered with Italian craftsmen who learned their art from the generations who came before them.

Since those partnerships began, we have been offering designers a class of leather that elevates every interior it touches. The difference is in the quality, the finish, and the way it makes living feel its most luxurious.

We invite interior design professionals to experience our leathers firsthand in our Residential Interiors showrooms located throughout the US and Europe. See what’s possible with leather that exceeds every expectation.

Find a showroom near you or start a conversation with an experienced Cortina Leathers representative today.

Popular Residential Showroom Leathers