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Cortina Leathers traverses the sky day in and day out, bringing style and function to commercial aviation and business jets. See why our custom-made aviation leathers are trusted by airline manufacturers and MROs all over the globe.

Cortina Leathers has a long history of bringing style and comfort to aircraft interiors.

You’ll find our handcrafted Italian and US-made leathers in commercial and business jets the world over and for good reason. Our Italian tanneries and our ISO 9001:2015 certified US leather finishing plant have over 100 years of history making beautiful, durable leathers at competitive prices. In addition, we bring our knowledge and capabilities from our interior design and architectural businesses to assist aviation designers in creating unique, high performance seating solutions.

We understand the demands of the aviation business and focus every day on being your most reliable supplier, regardless of fluctuations in demand and schedule. Our leathers are known for their quality, durability, and resistance to staining and abrasion—all at a surprisingly competitive price.

Commercial Aviation:
  • Italian, German and US production to meet every need, schedule and price point.
  • Laminated and non-laminated leather qualities
  • All leather is drum-treated to meet commercial flammability standards
Business and Private Jets:
  • Quick-Ship custom leathers with 3 week production
  • Exacting custom color matching.
  • All leather is treated to meet flammability standards (FAR 25.853)
Sterilizing Leather Wipes

Universal Cleaning Wipes formulated specifically for Cortina Leathers make it easy to keep your leather sterile and looking like new. While being strong enough to kill bacteria and certain viruses, the detergent is gentle enough to clean richly colored leathers and tough enough to clean worn leather upholstery used in airplanes, restaurants, hotels, homes and offices, as well as marine and automotive leathers. Not recommended for pure aniline leathers, nubuck or suede. Available for purchase.
* This sterilizing cleaner contains the active ingredient Quaternary Ammonium, which is approved and listed by the CDC to be an effective disinfectant against coronavirus strains, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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A few of our customers and primary partners:
Aerospace Accounts:
Air Asia
Air Lease Corporation
British Airways
Comair Limited
Irkut Corporation
Rockwell Collins
Rwand Air
Silk Air
ZIM Flugsitz
Zodiaz Aerospace
Aircraft Seat Manufacturers:
Bradfor LTD
E.I.S. Aircraft
Franklin Products
Paustain Airtex
Percival Aviation
Prevent Premium & Interior Kft.
Rockwell Collins
Sabet Wain Aerospace
Soisa Aircraft Interiors

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