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There is nothing quite like slipping into a leather seat of a nice car. The feel, the telltale creak, that distinct smell that can transport you when the car hasn’t even moved yet. Cortina automotive leathers are the perfect choice for OEM and aftermarket automotive manufacturers seeking complete control over style and performance.

Good quality leather is an essential part of what makes a car more than just a car.

Leather seats are an experience. The feel, the sound, the smell – it all combines to create a specific aura, one that is an indispensable part of the luxury car experience. Not just any leather will do.

Cortina’s custom capability, high performance leathers, and tight quality control have made it a leader in the automotive aftermarket and OEM market for more than a decade. We understand your needs and our leather finishing facility in Ohio with our robust, end-to-end supply chain gives us the capability to meet those requirements, from a single car custom job to a continuous, high-volume program.

We can exactly match the color, grain, and sheen of original equipment, or create a leather/vinyl match program to reduce your cost. Our automotive leathers meet OEM performance requirements, are strongly protected against soiling and abrasion, and are tightly controlled to minimize color variation from lot to lot. Whether it is a concourse level restoration of a vintage Porsche, a custom interior for a Corvette fresh off the lot, or a leather/vinyl set for an old Chevy, Cortina should be your go-to choice in automotive leather.

  • Ability to develop custom program to match grain, color, sheen and effect
  • Wide range of OEM grain patterns available
  • Leathers designed with durability and ease of care in mind
  • Performance leathers treated with proprietary stain resistant technology
  • Complete control over the supply chain from hide to custom finish
  • Huge inventory of hides for short lead times for small or large quantities
  • Develop custom leather in any color, grain, look or hand to exactly match your design vision
  • Work with Tier 1 supply chain team to ensure 100% on-time delivery, regardless of demand fluctuation
  • Meet or exceed all OEM testing protocols
Sterilizing Leather Wipes

Universal Cleaning Wipes formulated specifically for Cortina Leathers make it easy to keep your leather sterile and looking like new. While being strong enough to kill bacteria and certain viruses, the detergent is gentle enough to clean richly colored leathers and tough enough to clean worn leather upholstery used in automotive leathers. Not recommended for pure aniline leathers, nubuck or suede. Available for purchase.

* This sterilizing cleaner contains the active ingredient Quaternary Ammonium, which is approved and listed by the CDC to be an effective disinfectant against coronavirus strains, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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