Prized for decades by fine Italian accessory manufacturers, these super-luxurious aniline-dyed hides with hair are also perfect for select upholstery applications. Each hide is supple and soft with short, silky hair. This product comes in bold, exotic patterns, brindles, and other natural patterns and solid colors that will complement a range of decorating styles. Normally offered in half hides.

Leather Details
Hide Size :
Available in both half and whole hides
Care & Cleaning

Hair on hides are naturally very resilient. They should be vacuumed for regular upkeep, always moving the vacuum wand in the direction of the hair, never against. Should a spill occur, blot immediately using a clean absorbent cloth or paper towel. Should soiling remain, use a sponge dampened in plain cold water or a mild vinegar solution to gently rub the affected area - in the direction of the hair. A soft nylon brush may be used to help release any stubborn debris. Allow to air dry. Never place a hair on hide rug in a washing machine or submerge in liquid to clean.