Como features the beauty of aniline leather treated with wax and vacuum-dried to give an aged, distressed look with a beautiful tight break. Como displays a clarity and depth that can only be found in fine aniline leathers. The dyes display subtle color variations and natural markings and will age and distress gracefully over time, enhancing the look of this stunning leather with use. Como is not just built for looks, but coming standard with an exclusive Crypton® finish, for high performance as well.

Leather Details
Hide Size :
50-55 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0-1.2 mm
Qualities :
Vacuum-dried aniline, waxed and hand-crunched, sharp distressed look with Crypton® protective topcoat
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Care & Cleaning

Cortina Leathers with Crypton® provide the industry’s greatest stain resistance and cleanability. Stains which can be easily removed include wine, coffee, sunscreen, hair gel, hair mousse, vinegar, blood, urine and most other stains from food and typical soiling. Should it be necessary, Cortina’s running-line Crypton® protected leathers can be cleaned with cleaners containing up to a 5% bleach solution (Sodium Hypochlorite). However, most stains can be easily removed using just gentle soap and water or the readily available commercial and household cleaning products listed below. Note: To ensure complete removal of any stain from Crypton-treated leathers the cleaning process outlined below must be undertaken within 60 minutes of any spillage or staining occurring. Successful stain removal will become less possible over time, so always treat spills and stains immediately. Avoid the excessive application of cleaning products on seams or stitching.