Flamingo represents a combination of innovative technologies, resulting in an eye-catching leather unlike anything else on the market today. First, the hides are aniline-dyed, then embossed with a small-scale reptile pattern. Next, a metallic transfer print is applied, superimposing a cloudlike pattern on the leather. A light film is added to seal and protect the leather, and finally, the hides are “dry-milled”, or rotated in a vat, so that the metallic overlay develops a crackly texture.

Leather Details
Hide Size :
25-30 sq.ft. (Half Hides Only)
Thickness :
1.0–1.2 mm
Qualities :
Semi-aniline, reptile heat transfer pattern, hand-wiped with metallic overlay
Care & Cleaning

Semi-aniline leathers are protected against scratching and scuffing and designed to maintain their beauty over time. Very little care is required--general upkeep requires only an occasional dusting with a clean cloth. Never use oils, saddle soaps, harsh cleaners or cleaners containing abrasives on semi-aniline leather. Periodically, you may wish to gently wipe the leather with a clean, damp cloth to remove accumulated soil, then allow it to air dry. Should a spill occur, remove immediately by blotting with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth to avoid permanent discoloration. Should soiling remain, a solution of lukewarm water and a mild soap such as Ivory® or a mild cleanser such as Woolite® may be used. Dampen a clean white cloth in the solution and gently wipe the affected area using a circular motion. Never apply the solution directly to the leather. Rinse completely with a clean cloth to ensure all cleaner is removed. Dry with a paper towel or dry cloth and allow to completely air dry. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure, allowing the leather to completely dry between applications. To avoid harming the leather, do not rub vigorously or for an extended period. It may not be possible to remove all stains from this natural product.