In Italian, adding “issimo” to any word heightens the word to the extreme – and our Issimo leather lives up to its namesake in every way. With Issimo, you’ll find extreme beauty paired with generous strength and protection. A full-grain Italian leather made with the finest European bull hides, it’s smooth texture is carefully finished with a light, variable color treatment for a subtle semi-matte sheen that plays across the hide. Issimo is vegetable re-tanned giving it firmness and tightness for strength and reduced puddling. A strong protective finish builds in stain and wear resistance. A durable leather of alluring color, clarity, and feel, specifying Issimo will elevate any indoor setting and application.

Note: Passes IMO, FTP 2010 Code

Leather Details
Origin :
Leather Type :
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Flame Resistance :
NFPA 260: Class 1, CAL TB117–2013, IMO 2010 FTP Part 8 (A.652(16))
Average Hide Size :
50-55 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0–1.2 mm
Qualities :
Full grain, semi-aniline leather with a firm, smooth hand and slight two-toned color effect
Markets :
Hospitality, Accessories, Marine, A&D Workplace Design, Office Contract, Decorator and Designer Showcase, Residential Showrooms
Technical Specifications
IMO Compliant
  • Issimo passes fire and smoke standards as approved by the International Maritime Organization to meet Coast Guard requirements. See our marine leathers.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship: Issimo is lead free, emits low VOCs, and has achieved an Indoor Advantage Gold certificate from SCS.

Italian tanneries are renowned for their skill and artistry, leading the world in new leather designs and colors while maintaining old world craftsmanship and care.