A transparent pearlescent layer is applied to the topcoat of this full-grain leather, creating a reflective quality with depth and richness of hue. Subtle and pleasing, Perlato’s smooth, sleek finish breathes and yields softly to the touch. Originally created for use in small private aircraft, where light and space are limited, Perlato will brighten up any space from a Gulfstream to a high-tech conference room. Perlato is treated with protective agents, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic settings. With its full, tight tannage, Perlato holds embossed patterns well.

Leather Details
Origin :
Leather Type :
Category :
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Flame Resistance :
NFPA 260: Class 1, CAL TB117–2013
Average Hide Size :
50-55 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.0-1.2 mm
Qualities :
Smooth, pearlescent, semi-aniline leather with a reflective finish and rich hue
Markets :
Hospitality, Accessories, Marine, A&D Workplace Design, Office Contract, Decorator and Designer Showcase, Residential Showrooms

Environmental Stewardship

Perlato is lead free, emits low VOCs, and has achieved an Indoor Advantage Gold certificate from SCS.

Italian tanneries are renowned for their skill and artistry, leading the world in new leather designs and colors while maintaining old world craftsmanship and care.