Cortina makes Utah on the highest grade bull hides (top 3%) for a heavy-weight, more rugged, textural feel than most classic distressed upholstery leathers, and the full-grain pure aniline process yields unmatched natural beauty. We then treat Utah with a paraffin wax and dry-mill the hides for a cozy, comfortable, distressed look with a slight sheen that people can’t help but notice. Utah displays a middling tonal contrast between the pattern’s high and low areas – lighter on the tips, darker in the valleys. Celebrating the natural markings of this authentically organic product, Utah will patina richly over time.

Leather Details
Origin :
Leather Type :
Pure Aniline
Performance Code :
Cleaning Code :
Flame Resistance :
CAL TB117–2013, NFPA 260: Class 1
Average Hide Size :
50-55 sq.ft.
Thickness :
1.2-1.4 mm
Qualities :
Pure aniline, heavy-weight bull hide treated with paraffin and dry-milled for a slight sheen on the tips
Markets :
Residential Showrooms, Decorator and Designer Showcase, Marine, Accessories, Hospitality

Environmental Stewardship

Utah is lead free, emits low VOCs, and has achieved an Indoor Advantage Gold certificate from SCS.

Italian tanneries are renowned for their skill and artistry, leading the world in new leather designs and colors while maintaining old world craftsmanship and care.