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His aesthetic is a celebration of contradiction. Traditional, yet innovative. Historical, yet forward-looking. Streamlined, yet meticulously crafted.

Richard Wrightman Design
Desk Detail
This is the world of visionary New York furniture designer Richard Wrightman, who creates collections and bespoke furnishings from his studio in Long Island City.

Wrightman recently turned to Cortina Leathers to help him execute pieces combining his exceptional wood and our resilient, luxurious Bremen and Rhine nubuck leathers. “This is a return to the authentic. A mix of memory and invention,” says Wrightman.

Now nearing 20 years in business, Richard Wrightman’s interest in British campaign style began with a late 19th-century collapsible chair that belonged to his father—not unlike the leather-strapped Chatwin series he produces today. “I appreciated the functionality of the design. I felt that the chair had its own secret history of places it had been before my father acquired it. Campaign is romantic and timeless.” Cortina Leathers is proud to serve Wrightman in realizing his vision. “Designing furniture is about having all senses fully engaged,” he says. “What I aim to do is to design something that is unique.”

Designer : Richard Wrightman
Photographer :  Richard Wrightman
Location :  Long Island City, NY