Cortina Leathers Allora Lotus Pond as seen at Kerry Washington's NYC home.
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Featured as the cover story of RUE Magazine’s Summer 2023 issue, Cortina’s contribution of Allora Lotus Pond to Kerry Washington’s new home in Manhattan shines brightly.

Cortina Leathers Allora Lotus Pond delights in Kerry Washington's New York home.

Following years of hustle and bustle on the left coast, award-winning Hollywood star and fashion icon Kerry Washington plants roots in the place that started it all. Returning to her hometown, Kerry’s long-time friend and designer, Gary Riotto helped designed a family space that’s as beautiful as she is, transforming the New York apartment into a home.

“The way I think about fashion—for myself, rather than red carpets or a character—is to lean towards a really classic aesthetic with pops of color and character and spark,” Kerry says. “Gary is able to bring a lot of the dimensions of who I am, and who my family is, into the aesthetic and the design of the space.” Designer Riotto embodied the different chapters of Kerry’s life throughout the space flawlessly. The modern tones and classic pieces are accompanied by accents of graffiti print wallpaper, colorful abstract paintings, and dynamic pops of color.

The chairs and accent pillows surrounding the custom banquette are upholstered in Allora Lotus Pond, adding that perfect pop to the family-friendly dining area. Allora, made in collaboration with award winning textile designer Virgina Langley, is an Italian aniline inspired by the natural hues of Tuscany. Protected with Crypton, this line is highly stain and wear resistant to ensure high-performance for years to come.

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As seen in RUE Magazine
Producer: Danny Seo
Designer:  Gary Riotto & Kerry Washington
Photos:  David Engelhardt

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Cortina Leathers in Kerry Washington's New York home as seen in RUE magazine.