Is Leather Sustainable? Sustainability Champions Podcast - Leather hide background.

Cortina Leathers President Jack Prause was invited to speak on the Sustainability Champions podcast to discuss a variety of topics including the sustainability of modern-day, large-scale upholstery leather manufacturing and why “vegan leather” is not what you may think. What is the environmental cost of producing leather? Is it ethical to use leather? Is leather considered sustainable? The leather industry is one of many that generates vigorous conversations surrounding ethics, environmental impacts, and sustainability. Sustainability Champions released episode 6 of their podcast discussing just these issues on November 2, 2022 with Jack Prause and Sustainability Champions founder Daniel Hartz.

Sustainability Champions is a community working to address the environmental challenges facing our planet. Starting from one man’s ambition to make a difference, they have grown into a platform to inspire, share stories and showcase individuals who are striving to create a brighter future for generations to come. “As a channel, we always want to meet new people and showcase their innovations and activism to a wider audience. We aim to get their perspectives and understand their views on topics and issues that affect all of us and the environment we live in.” says Sustainability Champions Founder, Daniel Hartz.

Cortina Leathers started in 1903 in Ohio as an office chair upholstery supplier and has since grown to be a global market leader, manufacturing and sourcing premier-quality upholstery leather for the interior design industry in several markets including hospitality, workspace, senior living, automotive, aviation and residential. With approximately 96,000 hides being saved from the landfill each year to be upcycled for furniture around the globe, you likely have lounged on a chair, sofa or airplane seat that has been upholstered with Cortina’s leather.

There are several myths about leather that are untrue and some ideas are based on dishonest advertising from the vinyl and plastic textile industries trying to get designers to choose petroleum-based textiles over natural textiles such as leather, cotton, wool and silk which are all renewable. Daniel wanted to speak with an industry leader and get their view, while also learning more about the industry itself. “Eat vegan, use leather!” is Jack Prause’s advice if you want to do right for living beings and the earth we share. Listen in to learn why and what Cortina Leathers is doing to lead in environmental stewardship.

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