Paul Clynch, Cortina's VP of Sales, is featured in Hospitality Design Magazines Promo Video for Exhibitors in the HD Expo in Las Vegas each spring.

Cortina's VP of Sales Paul Clynch was interviewed for and featured in Hospitality Design Magazine's promo video for exhibitors at the industry's largest hospitality design trade show the HD Expo, which happens in Las Vegas each spring. With thousands of designers walking the show each year, this is the ideal way for manufacturers to showcase their products to new customers.

Seen in the background is Cortina's booth in 2023 which featured the launch of two new genuine leathers Bellina and Monterrey in an art deco inspired booth. Bellina won Best of Fabrics at the following show BDNY in November 2023.

As Paul points out in the video, leather is a very tactile product that is best when felt and seen on actual furniture. But it's not possible for sales reps to take chairs to designers' studios. At the HD Expo in Las Vegas, Cortina finds we get maximum visibility from interior designers from the western sides of the Americas.

Each Fall, Cortina also exhibits at the Boutique Design Fair in NYC (BDNY) which tends to cover designers from the eastern Americas.

We'd love to see you at the HD Expo this year! Come meet our sales team, Paul, Tina and Sabrina in Booth #3241, April 30-May 2, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Click to register for free using Cortina's code EXIV852936, and you can also view HD's full version of the promo video.

Click here to see a short excerpt from the video.