The surf lifestyle, its music, fashion, film, and art inspires our newest curated collection, with bright, bold colors paired with calming, natural hues. Get on board—Surf’s up.

beautiful and colourful surf board with blue sky

From Maui to Melbourne, from the iconic beaches of California to the Rockaways of New York, and just about anywhere there’s a wave to catch, surfing evokes a spirit of adventure, joy, community, and freedom.

We created this collection to honor the roots of surf culture—including Duke Kahanamoku, who popularized the Hawaiian sport of surfing and brought it to the California coast—along with its present-day appeal. Surf style blends a sense of nostalgia, respect for nature, and a casual, easy, understated cool. The natural, subtle beauty and clean lines of our durable leather effortlessly fits this aesthetic. Explore colors ranging from the retro vibrant hues of vintage surfboards and beach cabanas to ocean and shore-inspired neutrals.

Surf City style brings fun-loving yet peaceful beach vibes into interiors everywhere.

Cortina Emboss Genuine Leather Groovy embossed pattern on Athene Rosa

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(shown here: Groovy in Athene, Rosa)