Rustic patio featuring Cortina curated leathers

Crisp, yet cozy. Sleek, yet stay-awhile. This is Cottage Couture, an aesthetic that welcomes as it wows. Defined by clean architectural lines, reclaimed natural woods, soft organic textiles, and Scandinavian-inspired furnishings, this interior design style proves that contradictions can be captivating.

Cortina Leathers' Utah collection

The look has its roots in the open, uncluttered aspects of industrial design, as well as the hygge of comfortable, come-in-from-the-cold cottage living. It’s an alluring mix for Cortina’s latest curated collection, which offers endless opportunities for style inspiration.

Our Cottage Couture Collection is an inspiring medley of comforting textures and neutral colorways that work to make all spaces feel cozier— lobbies, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more. Curl up by the fire, focus on what matters, and embrace the inspiration to be found in the opposition.

Let Cottage Couture elevate your next look. Explore every leather option, available at a moment’s notice only from Cortina.

Coffee cup and book on fur on bed