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Cortina Leathers presents an exploration of leather in boutique design through curated conceptual art.

The release and rapid growth of accessible artificial intelligence is equally exhilarating and unsettling. With the right skills AI can be an amazing tool for expanding on our own innate creativity and opens doors for designers to craft spaces with extraordinary features. However, designers remain an essential element to reigning in AI’s unpredictable behaviors and very strong biases. Already expertise in AI prompts is a technical skill set sought by employers.

The images shown here were commissioned in early 2023 exclusively for Cortina Leathers as part of our Fuel your imagination! marketing campaign for Winter/Spring 2023-24. We seamlessly integrated Cortina’s best-selling leather collections into custom interior lobbies, showing firsthand how interior designers can harness AI to spark their own creative genius.

Architect turned award-winning conceptual artist Hassan Ragab has spent the last two years blending his experience in architecture and his love of design with finely tuned AI prompts to create unique and fantastical architectural art. Egyptian born and living in California, Hassan has become a regular contributor to AI-focused forums and publications due to his architectural background and expertise from actively using, evaluating, and growing with the major image-generating AIs since first released. Already in 2024, his art has been featured in several gallery shows!

We're honored to have commissioned Hassan early in his journey and are having loads of fun working his gorgeous concepts into our marketing campaign. You can find Hassan everywhere but most beautifully on Instagram: @hsnrgb.

Join us to explore the large format imagery in person when featured in our booths at BDNY 2023 in NYC and the HD Expo in Las Vegas April 30-May2, 2024.

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All images created using MidJourney & finished in Adobe Photoshop.
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