Cortina Curates: Brutalist

Graphic. To the point. Abandoning all flourishes to embrace the harsh edge of reality. This is the Brutalist aesthetic—utilitarian design that puts itself out there for all to see.

Cortina Curates: Brutalist
Cortina Curates: Brutalist

What began with 1950s architecture makes impact once more in Cortina’s latest curated collection, an austere lineup of design possibilities.

Our Brutalist Collection reflects the current mood—one that celebrates the beauty of isolation while remaining hopeful of tomorrow’s possibilities. This mix of comforting textures and rustic colors works in all spaces—mid-century modern, sleek and contemporary, transitional, and more. Strip away the excess, accent with concrete and metal, and refuse to look away from this honest expression of what it means to live today.

Let our Brutalism Collection inspire your next look. Explore every leather option, available at a moment’s notice only from Cortina Leathers.


Esprit Navy

Luster – Esprit Navy

Color: Esprit Navy

Natural Worlds – Argento

Color: Argento

Rustic – Midnight

Color: Midnight

Utah – Popora

Color: Popora

Chesapeake – Gold Dust

Color: Gold Dust

Caprone – Holly

Color: Holly

Bremen – Dolomite

Color: Dolomite

Brandenburg – Stone

Color: Stone

Vespa – Irish Cream

Color: Irish Cream

Utah – Corvino

Color: Corvino

Rhine – Pavement

Color: Pavement

Issimo – Sugar Maple

Color: Sugar Maple

Issimo – Tornado

Color: Tornado

Elegante – Venetian Gray

Color: Venetian Gray

Brandenburg – Sandalwood

Color: Sandalwood