Cortina Curates Cultura Artesanal

The Art and Heart of Mexico

A beautiful hotel lobby emulates Mexican Cultura Artesanal distinctive artistic style.
Cortina Curates Cultura Artesanal beautiful hand-tooled leather
Cortina Leathers celebrates the art and heart of Mexico: Cultura Artesanal, with a vibrant collection of leathers.
You don't see Mexico. you feel Mexico.

The rich and historic cultural heritage of Mexico comes alive in Cultura Artesanal (Mexico's craftsmanship culture). Cortina’s newest curated collection transports us to that expressive and vibrant place. Now is the perfect time to celebrate and explore Mexico's distinctive art style—after a period of tranquility in design, interiors are again showcasing bold patterns, deep hues, and genuine craftsmanship. All of this is found in the look and feel of Mexican Cultura Artesanal.

From their sun-filled studios, skilled artisans transform native materials into one-of-a-kind treasures using techniques that have endured for many generations. The "artesanias" (artisanal items) they make hold significant cultural and historical value: they preserve traditional knowledge (some techniques are many centuries old), and they support local artists and help communities thrive. A diverse, colorful story emerges from their work as the artists create with their hands what lives in their hearts: hand-beaded bags and brightly embroidered fabrics, wheel-thrown pots and carved wood furniture, hand-tooled leather and naturally woven blankets. 

With a mix of exciting colors, unexpected textures, and resilient finishes, the leathers in Cortina Curates: Cultura Artesanal will infuse vibrancy and depth into any design for a unique and more memorable space. Explore every leather option below for your next project, available only from Cortina Leathers.

The inspiration behind Cortina Curates: Cultura Artisanal is from Cortina’s own design specialist/sales rep Tina Carrillo. Follow on Instagram: @tinawithcortina & @cortinaleathers

Home page photo of Bar Moxy in Austin, designed by Flick Mars Design (insta: @flickmarsdesign) who chose our timeless Florence leather with Crypton protrection in Terra, bringing high design and piece-of-mind to the busy space.

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