Infused with sun-soaked warmth and ancient appeal, Cortina’s latest curated collection is Sacred Clay.

Two barstools in Cortina's Sacred Clay Curated Collection
Photo Apr 22, 3 26 35 PM

Inspired by the iconic clay rooftops and handcrafted pottery found where the Atlantic meets the Alboran Sea, the collection radiates rustic romance. It is in this region of southern Europe and northern Africa where our story begins—where unglazed terracotta clay remains as fundamental as it is fashionable.

Each leather in the Sacred Clay collection tells a well-traveled tale in a palette of rich neutrals, earthy oranges, and sea-inspired touches of turquoise. Together, they warm spaces with rustic appeal.

Let Sacred Clay leathers help you tell your own timeless design story. Explore every option, available at a moment’s notice only from Cortina.