“Beauty is no accident” marketing campaign wins ID’s Best of Year award 2021

We are proud to announce that Cortina Leathers’ ad campaign for the Allora Collection, “Beauty is no accident” is the winner of the 2021 Marketing + Branding Materials Award from Best of Year presented by Interior Design Magazine. The “Beauty…

Jack Prause talks all things leather and Allora in Hospitality Design Magazine

Cortina Leathers President, Jack Prause discusses Cortina Leathers and the creative process behind our new Allora collection in the November issue of Hospitality Design Magazine. Learn more about Allora.

Allora Featured in Mood Board from Jean Liu Design

From the November issue of Luxe Magazine, interior designer Jean Liu used our Allora leathers for inspiration in her “warm embrace” mood board. Featuring Phantom Grey, Moon Walk and Southern Alps these neutral colored leathers are not only beautiful but…

Allora Highlighted in Hospitality Design Magazine

The September 2021 issue of Hospitality Design Magazine featured our new performance leather, Allora, inspired by Tuscany and protected by Crypton. Available in 13 colors, Allora features a unique and on-trend color palette designed by Virginia Langley for Cortina Leathers.…

Cortina Silicone Fabrics in Hospitality Design Magazine

The April issue of Hospitality Design magazine featured the Cortina Silicone Fabrics collection with a spotlight on sustainability. Learn more about our Silicone Fabrics

Convo by design image for interview with Jack Prause

Convo by Design® Podcast with Jack Prause

If you haven’t listened already, now is your chance to hear Cortina Leathers President Jack Prause share his perspective on the challenges facing our industry. Designers today are challenged by a global supply chain and bottlenecks caused by, of course…

Hospitality Design December 2020

Cuyahoga featured in Hospitality Design Magazine

The December 2020 issue of Hospitality Design Magazine put a spotlight on our new performance leather, Cuyahoga protected with Crypton. Available in 13 colors, Cuyahoga features a soft hand with a unique two-tone effect and offers exceptional cleanability and stain…

Cortina Leathers Aircraft Interiors International

Cortina Leathers with Crypton Highlighted for Aircraft Interiors

The November 2020 issue of Aircraft Interiors International put a spotlight on cabin materials for a post-pandemic world. Cortina leathers protected by Crypton were featured for their unique ability to be cleaned with cleaning agents recommended by the EPA to…

Cortina Leathers Issimo Best of Year

Issimo honored for Best of Year 2020

We’re excited to announce that our Issimo leather protected by Crypton has been chosen as an honoree for Interior Design’s Best of Year 2020 Awards. Now celebrating its 15th year, Interior Design’s Best of Year is the ultimate measure of…

Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid Cortina Leathers

Cortina Leathers featured in Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid

The annual Fall Market tabloid published by Interior Design was full of colorful inspiration from Cortina Leathers. See how beautiful performance can be featuring Brandenburg with Crypton on page 62 and Issimo with Crypton on page 68.

Cortina Leathers Davenport upholstery leather collection

New colors and a Crypton finish for Davenport

Cortina Leathers is expanding the color palette for their popular Davenport leather and is adding a Crypton finish. Made in the U.S.A., this durable, pigmented leather is in-stock and an ideal choice for applications that call for cleanability. Now available…

Hospitality Design Magazine

Brandenburg Leather featured in Hospitality Design Magazine

Hospitality Design’s August issue features our new upgraded Brandenburg with Crypton as part of their best new leathers roundup on page 55.