A Cortina Collection with Virginia Langley & Crypton
A Collaboration with Virginia Langley
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Inspired by Tuscany, protected by Crypton.

Allora is the design story of modern Italy and its creative energy, where contemporary architecture and landscapes mix seamlessly with the old world.

Allora's stunning hues, created in collaboration with noted designer Virginia Langley, were inspired by the drama of Tuscany's sunlight from dusk to dawn to dusk again. There is a certain ambiance when you arrive in Tuscany that is different from other parts of Italy, as if you see color through a new lens. By hand-painting swatches with variegated colors, Virginia was able to recreate the depth and glow of Tuscany.

Embracing the natural characteristics of leather, Allora has an innovative design with a modern look that will not distress or patina over time like traditional aniline leathers. The leather is made from carefully selected European bull hides and notable for a full tannage with a tight grain break. Its aniline finish (no pigments) presents with a smooth texture, a pleasing hand, and a complex variation and clarity of color that you can see into.

Cortina’s leather experts worked with Italian artisans and Crypton’s engineers to bring the Allora collection to life—a cleanable leather of uncompromising beauty and performance. Protected by our powerful Crypton top coat, Allora is stain, abrasion and wear resistant, unique to aniline leathers of this quality. The ability to sterilize and remove stains with many CDC-approved cleaners, including a bleach solution, makes Allora a sustainable, high-performance leather ready for hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bars, and offices, as well as residential kitchens, dining rooms, and all the places where we visit, work and live—because beauty is no accident.

We're honored, excited and proud that Allora was selected a Finalist in the 18th annual Hospitality Design Awards in the Textiles + Fabrics category! Over 350 entries were considered for 4 Finalist slots and Allora obviously stood out for its nearly limitless application potential. Order your samples today.

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Available in 13 Colors

Southern Alps - The distant mountain range, sprinkled with snow, offers a soft glow from afar, not true white.

Moon Walk - As you set out for a walk under the evening moon, the amber reflections in the sky bounce back from the moon.

Phantom Grey - It's a misty, hazy day with hints of grey clouds around. Now you see it, now you don't, the mystery of Phantom Grey.

Zanzibar - With its African name, Zanzibar is all about earth. The feel, the look, the mood. Earth tones.

Jade Garden - This is the green of the grass of Tuscany, not your typical grassy green because here the hues are more subtle in nature. Still very clear, but softer.

Ocean Mist - The misty Tuscan sea mist sprays the cliffs.

Essence - Not pure black. A romantic version of the night, it holds the essence of black.

Sapphire Night - Tuscan nights have a touch of light. As the sun sets, the sapphire hue rises from the horizon line into the sky where you see the stars begin to twinkle.

Lotus Pond - A fashion color discovered in wildflowers draping the rolling hillside.

Harvest Vine - The vine branches twisted and turning, collecting the flavors of wine country.

Toasted Caramel - The terracotta never tires in the interiors and architecture of even the most modern Mediterranean buildings.

L'Americano - A nod to the coffee colors, as we sit under the Cypress pines drinking our coffee and getting in touch with the beauty around us.

Roasted Mulberry - During the harvest of berries and fruits picked from the vines, we suddenly see ourselves again, looking through the magic sunglasses.