photo collage of seaside home and seashells
A Collaboration with Virginia Langley
Cortina Leathers' Natural Worlds collection

Natural Worlds

Discover a collection that reflects the range of colors, textures, dimension, and beauty found in the natural world. Curated by interior design authority Virginia Langley, Natural Worlds’ hand-rubbed metallic finish adds a glimmer to light up any interior. These selections are overlaid with a textural finish that enhances the natural grain. Surround yourself with the subtle neutral hues and grains of a sandy beach, the iridescence of a precious seashell, the rich colors of a stunning sunset, the shimmering blues of the sea. These leathers are perfect for all hospitality settings including hotel lobbies, bars, and restaurants, and add a dazzling touch to any home.

Illuminate your space with the allure of Natural Worlds.