Biophilia means the connection between us and the natural world and how this connection influences and contributes towards health and productivity for us in both home and the workplace.

Leather is a perfect product for biophilic design, being completely natural for environment and for our health, it is long lasting, and has a remarkable quality that holds a distinctive sense of luxury.

Biophilic design is a consciousness toward incorporating the natural world into our technologically advanced world. This trend helps connect mankind to their inherent attachment with nature and the well-being received when working in these more natural and organic, contemporary environments. Applications of organics, light, air, land, water and plants are reflected in interiors to fulfill the need for nature in connection with our daily lives.

These leathers selected from Cortina's collections beautifully represent nature in color and textures. Each supports biophilic design in a unique way- from luminescent hues and pure textural dimension, to natural grain and exquisite quality.